August 31, 2011

My dil goes hmmmmmmmm............

  • For  number of nail polish collections we have done...
  • For the new fridge in my new place :P
  • For all my natak drama and new participants!!! :)
  • For all my coffee cups - some of them are not going to last long.. Friends are moving!
  • For all my makke walks -Walking while getting wet in rain and eating corns!
  • For all upcoming marriages of my friends where i will get an opportunity to meet all!
  • For all my Office-buddies who actually give up on me and pamper me :P
  • For all my School friends who know me more than myself!!
  • For all my college friends - Who still remember me as a member on 'wall of fame'! :P
  • For all mom-made food :)
  • For Papa's pampering and ,Brothers bothering'...
  • For my lovely shovely 'bagvati'..
  • For my handsome camera :)
Well ... There are so many wonderful things around me ,so sadness doesn't touch me..

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