August 21, 2011

Points i noted-21.08.2011

  • My will power is too much concrete to puncture once it is actually 'Will power'!
  • I really really miss Gujarati Shravan mas celebrations.. 'Nag panchami, Randhan Chhat ,Shitala satam'.. As i have nothing to do with them much, due to my lucky 'Single' status but i miss 'Kuler' and 'Talvat' made by my grand ma and mumma... :( 
  • I have become an inspiration for kids of my cousins in terms of Gundagardi :P
  • I have started taking up my responsibility as i am shifting my 'dwelling' with 2 girls younger to me! FYI: My roomie was 2 years elder to me and so she was more of  'didi' types :)
  • I have realized that I can carry any hideous coloured nail polish!
  • I am missing my badminton so much that I dreamt of the game thrice!
  • I am desperately waiting for 'Ganapati'.. I really really want to go to Lal baugh cha raja this time again!
  • I am also waiting for Navaratri but seems I am going to miss it in Ahmedabad :(
  • Facebook is awesome in terms of 'Like' click!! I simply love the feature!
  • I really need to update my knowledge of gadgets and upcoming technology...!!!!
  • I simply love to cook provided I should have mood.. and Mood comes when i cant cook!! :(

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