October 7, 2012

From Singapore, with love-4

It was not possible to tie 'what is going on' in a single unit and thus I decided to wrap it in a bundle and send it to India. The life has become dynamic, to the extent, I have to actually apply the 'will' force to balance and not to tumble down by the speed it possess.

  • It was a week of recess, which was used by yours truly in roaming around here and there in Singapore or in a better way 'exploring' Singapore. Visited a distant relative of mine, who just shifted to Singapore a few months ago, though I was scared of being bored as I have met them only once in my life before this visit, it went pretty well. They let me speak you see, I can go on and on!! Of course two visits to Didi and playing with Xena was on the top list and it was just warm and full of fun!When she calls me 'Ma(mi)si', I just want to scream at top of my voice and jump just like her!! Ah, the biggest achievement, I feel is when she identifies me as 'Masi'! Smart Girl!! :)
  • I am coming up with a review for Krishna Key , and a very special thanks to Blog Adda! I mean, none of us knew , the disappointment shown on the FaceBook page of Blogadda would be taken so seriously and first time Books would be sent to Singapore for the review!! Before I post a review, guys if you can buy, get the book and lock your self in a room if you are interested in the history, religion, science, mathematics and what not!
  • I had lost my mind in between several times. Frustration caused by unknown reasons, guilty for my health, anger for the world are understatements for that state of mind. A session of scoldings and a few hours alone-made my mind come back to the original - Take it easy dude- state of mind.
  • Studies. A big time challenge for me. I simply skip the theory part and try to relate it to my work experience which makes me deduct the 40% of my syllabus, that is bad! I guess I should be more disciplined. 
  • I have been labelled as 'Inarguable' by a few persons in the world and it makes me numb. Yes I am rigid on what I have selected from many, Yes I appreciate the innovation, Yes I am open to critique but dude, I am not YOU. I have a different opinion.Just because you are the MAJORITY bunch of people, it doesn't prove you are 'Right'! (No, Shane it is not for you!)
  • The biggest event of the week was my 'Universal Studio' trip. The fun, the excitement, The adrenaline rush, The cuteness of the place, The thrilling feel of the fast pace, I guess I am going to cherish my moments in the roller coaster of the Universal Studio, when I decided not to miss any of the rides in the fear. I faced, I conquered. I saw the world from the coaster turning around with open eyes, thrice!
  • I am looking forward to coming three four months. My life is going to take the twist, and it can be a disaster or a boon. It is inevitable. Ah, The India trip awaiting this December following a series of threatening activities which include Exams too.
  • If you are thinking of closing the tab and ditching the post right now, wait. Now close the tab as the blog post is going to end here with no closer statement today! :D

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  1. Bubblegum,

    Nice updates. Please do not forgo theory as that is important before being translated into practicals. Do not ignore your health.

    Take care