October 28, 2012

Busting myths!

I used to believe  many 'real' things about myself and the atmosphere around me.The last week went quite cool and different as we shifted to my new hostel, I summed up all those moments I have spent here and I realized I have busted some of those beliefs myths about myself.

The first ever realization was about my sleep. Yeah the insomniac me finally gave up and I really can sleep for six hours at almost one go now. Be it the effect of 'the almost homely' new place or the self made (or room mate made) food. I had almost had thought of going to a doctor,certifying myself an insomniac- Well the myth is a myth now!

The second and the winning realization is-Yes I can live without net , contrary to my belief -' I cant live without oxygen , water and Internet'! Apart from the 'Viber' and some 'Assignments' I did not miss the net. In fact we (Four girls) enjoyed the week pretty well. Cooking different dishes, making our unit a home, cleaning-unpacking and shopping for our new 'home'! We chatted a lot, we shared knowledge a lot. In fact we invited some of our seniors and our ex-room mate (Shuh, we miss this girl the most from our old hostel days) ah, truly we had a blast! Adarakh wali chai every now and then , Haldi wala dudh twice a day, fulaka and dishes from different parts of India- Isn't it a bliss? By the way, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai along with my roomie made our cold-y weekend an awesome one. We enjoyed a lot more than sitting on the net and doing nothing.

Then it came - the cooking part. A person can not be more anxious than me to make fulakas. I meant the whole homesick feeling and mood swings were out of my life the moment I started cooking and eating home made food and fulakas. I was amazed I can cook with such a grace!I never ever knew that this day would come! * Too much I know!*

The awesome 'myth busting' (I call it) was about celebrating Navaratri! The feeling of being a girl from Gujarat, listening to all the fun people having back home and not being able to do Garba sucks like anything. Above all the dancer inside me was shocked when I stepped inside one of the very few Garba events of Singapore. I guess nobody can remove the 'dancer's soul' from me. I enjoyed each moment, I was on the field which was followed by some blisters in my feet as I danced bare feet on the concrete ground (That is what we do at home!) and the heavy (a real heavy) cold- But the fun is always above such painful moments!

I think we always create some blocks inside our minds which are nothing but the thoughts of caged life inside a comfort zone, as and when the circumstances come , either we decide to let the life come out of such cages or we just painfully let them harass us all our lives. Sometimes such mind blocks or myths about ourselves bust themselves. Most of the times they create happiness inside us.

Just like in my case they did! Busting myths about myself really fetched me a full bucket of happy times at our unit home.


  1. Bubblegum,

    Misconceptions about anything do not stay for too long if one is open minded to see things. So no myths now. It is so good to hear that you are well settled and enjoying. Before you know it will be time to get back after your course is over as time really flies. Have all the fun while there but of course not at the cost of studies.

    Take care

    1. Yes yes studying too with all these things- Need to study more though! :)

  2. It is a fact that no one can separate garba from Gujarati men/women.

    Cooking is so therapeutic and a fun pass-time! Can you make nice theplas but with less oil? I love them

    1. Hi Aparna, welcome to the blog.

      Well Yes I can make nice thepelas with less oil but my mom can make it almost with No Oil! :p I am still trying!

  3. Bare feet on concrete?
    Reminds me of the time I played barefeet on concrete (Basketball)
    By the end of the game I was peeling out the skin, but the heat of the game never made me realise what was happening :-)