October 4, 2012

Just like that!

Sometimes we just have to digest what we are offered in present and carry on. Well it does not mean I am going to just possibly rest and stop redefining my goals. I decided to take a break and let my heart and mind decide where I am good at and where all I should fight and when.

I decided to indulge in some of the activities I love!! Thought of sharing same with you people!!

1. TED!

The most inspiring initiative I have ever seen in my life, Search subjects from the link and you will get one for you. Creativity to commercialization , Inspiration to Realization, Age old wisdom to enthusiasm of youngsters, You get everything on TED.

I thought of giving some awesome links, you people can enjoy too!!! I feel they are solutions to my confusions! Creativity , Emotions  and corporate life!

Hope you enjoy and dig out more videos!! Before sleeping I dont forget to listen to atleast one TED talk!


While the blurred state of mind in Bubblegum took the ugly shape and chilled out in a day, I managed to click some shots!! Have a look! I guess the 'Clicks' part of my blog has to be reinvented!!!

I think, I should restart those shooting sessions again!!

3. Dance Dance Dance!! :)

Just Like that!

PS: The whole post is 'Just like that'!! :)


  1. Bubblegum,

    Rightly said, let heart and mind decide. Good photographs. Keep up with this.

    Take care

  2. Good..try, try, try but not burden urself :D

  3. The third photo is a great one!

  4. The third photo is a great one!

  5. Dance, photography, study .. And the list goes on :)

  6. Really like the third photograph. Awesome