October 10, 2012

'Pav' bhar zindagi ki 'Chah'!

So while getting mad due to the mice and other animals already roaring in my stomach (Mice roar when you are damn hungry okay?!), I pinged my senior if he is free to visit the new 'Komalas' stall inside our campus.For people back home, 'Komalas' is a very famous Indian food chain in Singapore.

The ever ready battery aka my senior came from a far far world, to accompany me for the lunch at 3pm. Yeah normal human beings don't eat so late, we are students. I never knew I am going to achieve a spiritual peak during meditation in the stall. No, it was not a yoga camp in place of the food stall. Hold on.

When I lift the tray after ordering the food, it all started. I was in the world of Pavbhaji and Masala chah/Masala tea. The smell of Indian spices actually made me go in the different world, I suspect it was a short visit to heaven. I kept on meditating in the same air and started hogging till I finished each particle of the prepared food.

If I am allowed to exaggerate, The Shah Jahan would have cut his hands so that the cook cant prepare food and Masala tea for anyone else!! :D

When I finished the meditation after a few minutes of completing the last drop of the Masala tea, I guess I discovered a new type of meditation. A meditation which makes you attached more towards the materialistic world. Where materialistic world consists of only Moh Maya for such food dishes and tea in Singapore, forever.

The song 'Sau gram Zidagi' which I love only for the rhythm and not for lyrics made sense to me today, as I was already possessing,

'Pav' bhar zindagi ki 'Chah'!

PS: The every ready senior, who wanted an interesting blog post on the experience, 'Dude sorry but I can only write in the dramatic/PJish way! :D But when you said, 'Har kharab mood ko mast karneki dawa, Fursat ka luft uthaneki dawa, Masala chai Masala chai, aaj hi azmaye apne nazdiki Komalas pe', I wanted to give you billion Mirchis!


  1. Good at least you have Indian restaurant near by.. :) I don't have any in my town :(

  2. Bubblegum,

    Trust you to make something so common interesting. Have all the fun while you can.

    Take care

  3. I wish you to have many more such occasions to go into 'meditation'!

  4. Osho might have called it "MASALA MEDITATION" :)