October 2, 2012

A dream world!

So when it suddenly came to my mind, I have several routes to reach my happiness in professional life, I was dumb stuck. The problem of 'have done too many things' and being an 'extrovert to mostly everything offered' is you might enjoy everything around you and when some one asks you, "What is your passion", It strikes you that "dude you are a gone case, you love everything!!"

Right from reading,blogging, presentations, dancing, photography to adoptions to technical things and hard core passion for engineering graphics,interest in automobile and aerospace industry, irk me now. Some where the matured 'Myself' in me says I should take up 'something' very much in focused way and one part of my brain which is hyper says,"You can do everything, update for everything!" There is also a new thought coming up in my mind, "Try something really new"! All these thought processes occur at the same time and disturb me to the core.

When I see people, leaving the corporate world and getting into the passion, they craved all life, I feel as if I have thrown myself into a valley where there are flowers every where but they are wild flowers, not worth smelling once.I even thought if I love the world where I was working a few months back, yes I love the automobile industry! But then as my friend Shana asked me, what do you love the most about your work at that time, I realized may be I had to change the route! I have some creative and technical job ahead of me, some are a mixed version of both and they are the biggest ever deals people can get, but am I even capable of working in those great companies?

Hopefully the blurred picture is searching for a brush, which will clean the dirt and fog on the glass of the frame. It is waiting for the glossy finish and some bright colors.

There are hundred questions in my mind, what I feel is only 'Me' and people who know me can help me out.
Am I creative or not? Am I technically sound or not? Is dance my life? Wont it be too late to start dancing again? Am I into techno-creativity more? Am I a good product designer? What am I?Am I going to find an entirely new field?

May be a dream world of mine is blank, with a few persons still standing beside me in it. It can not be colorless.

A dream world is screaming for colors.


  1. It's never too late..!! Don't think and start dancing.. I hope to receive an invitation to witness your "Arangetram":)

    Try not to regret after taking a decision (Although I have no right to tell you this as I felt this while deciding on university to choose), because a decision is always right when it has been taken..

    All the best..:)

    1. No I am NOT AT ALL in the mode of regret, infact as I said I am enjoying almost all subjects I am working on.

      Dance is something will be always there with me, no matter what. One of the reasons to go back to India :D

      I am lost in between the creative jobs or non-creative jobs (with technical blend)within my master's field.

  2. That's good then.. Creativity lies in you not in job.. You can make any job creative with your skills and interest..

    I think still u have one year to go to think about job which definitely would be great and to your interest :)

    But don't stop dancing if you find it's fun !

  3. Then what are you waiting for? Live your life :)

  4. May be when you follow 100 things, you realize that the two things that come up rather frequently are the ones that really matter to you. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with pursuing all your interests phase-wise :)

  5. Bubblegum,

    You are a confident girl. I am sure if you sit down and give it a deep thought, you will surely come up with all the answers you are looking for. Once you know what is your first love, go ahead and do it - may be as hobby. I am sure you are techno-savvy and will do well in that field.

    Take care

  6. A good and heaithy churning is taking place inside you. I am sure a very nice outcome will emerge from it. All the best!

    And I liked your statement "Dance is life."

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