October 15, 2012

The Krishna Key!

Thanks to Blog adda , we actually had the privilege to smell the pages of a book, aha that too a novel! Yeah for a student, just shifted to Singapore, it is the biggest Gift ever. Specially when apart from a few books of my course, I can only do is to dream about fiction and remember my treasure full of books.

So as I had promised , here is the Review of the book 'Krishna Key'!

If you are a Dan Brown fan and you manage to indulge yourself in the novel ,you might get some surprises with some shocks. Yes it resembles to the Dan Brown novels, sometimes to Harry Potter world too!The maths at some point of time irritates you but if you manage to delete the whole mind set and continue to read, Indian readers are going to experience heaven.A History class makes a kick start and it finishes with a bit of dramatic yet abrupt end,you might get thousands of surprises in the journey.

Are you interested in History? Are you interested in Science? Are you interested in Mathematics? Are you interested in Religions? Are you a hard core Hindu, Muslim, Christian or even Jewish? Are you a person who doesn't believe in castes and creeds? Are you a fiction lover? Are you into Genetics, Archaeology, Nuclear science, Travelling, Geography or even Spy stories?If any of the answer is into a big 'YES', this book is worth reading! At least one and I am sure you might start reading it again in a few days!

The story flows effortlessly from the modern India- with politics, under world Gundas, corruption ,amazing achievements to the Vedic times,War of Mahabharata, structures of Somnath and Dwarika to Mughal times of Shah Jahan. The common link is 'The Krishna'! Yes in the first read you might feel odd about the whole story linked with Krishna and the narration of the Mahabharata separately with each chapter.Hold on, after reading, the churning in the mind will make it relevant , to the point. Yes the yet to come eleventh Avtar of Krishna is back and he himself makes us travel to the whole new mythological world! He is after 'something' which is going to change the world! But does that 'something' exist?Why so many people are behind that 'something'? Will that 'something' end up going in the wrong hands? Does that 'something' unfold the hidden truths of Vedic Civilization? Forget the question, is he really the eleventh Avtar of Lord Vishnu?Is he a serial killer wearing the mask of Kalki? But why?

The amount of research the author has put into the story line is splendid and I must not ruin the fun of those readers who are yet to start the book.

The combination of Classic Mythological Fiction with a little bit of drama in Indian Fashion , this book makes me feel , Why we kids were not taught History by such authors or researchers? If we can really make them teachers , kids wont ever hate the 'History' as a subject in the school!

I would like to add some points which stunned me to goose bumps!They might attract readers to the book.
  • Mohammad Ghazani was the decedent of Lord Krishna!
  • The Dwarika was built at the end point of River Sarasvati and yes, the civilization should be truly called 'Sarasvati Civilization'.Yes, the river Sarasvati is the center of all activities in Mahabharata.
  • Why the whole world is stunned by the beauty of Mount Kailash? A hidden and unknown source of Nuclear energy! 
  • The Islam, The Hindu and The Christian -These religions are nothing but the age old Vedic civilization.
  • Last but not the list, Yeah Lord Krishna -Gopal, Ranchhodray is no more only a mythic hero! He was there, leading the Sarasvati Civilization at its best! Not a myth but a fact!
So bang on the Book and tell me how did you find it. I am sure with some boring silly part , you might say "Not bad, worth reading 'twice'" as my roomie says! :)

PS: I did not want to give the story line at all, even did not want to name the characters.I am not good at reviews. Though I can develop the skill, unusually I started feeling like blogging more than ever. When I started writing this review, I started generating millions of ideas, well, I suppressed them and tried my hands on review. With the promise of a better one next time, I give the book 3.5 Bubbles in the Bubblegum's world! Tada!


  1. Bubblegum,

    You have got my interest aroused to lay my hands on this book.

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