January 20, 2013

I will be back to bug you!

Just about an hour and I will be heading towards Singapore, again for studies. Or should I say, towards one more semester with the same strange feeling of leaving India and my own people.

The post is dedicated to some special lives in India, who all together make my life so lovely. Ah, sometimes irritating too. Apart from my buddies - Shana, Bro buddies-my first company friends-Ms. S P Jain (Who is my everything in Mumbai!), my frock buddy N and other mischievous school buddies, I have some other lives- I call them lives.

The balcony garden and my big couch on which I sleep keeping my legs hanging from the hand-rests. My comfort zones. Oh I should not forget my bed- The very same bed- since twenty four years it makes me feel home and I must say the bed was actually made for my grand father when he was a kid!

Those birds. As I had mentioned earlier, exactly one floor above our flat, a zoologist Uncle stays and he has all kinds of birds in the balcony (with larger than life cages I say, cages are not actually cages!) which is exactly above our balcony. These birds chirp through out the day and keeps my garden alive. In fact an African parrot he has, mimics everything he listens to which includes door bell sound and Gayatri Mantra!!! 

My blanket. Even though there is practically no need of a blanket in Singapore.I just miss the feel. Mom says I get addicted to things so fast- and then an expert advise- It is not good! Who cares! :D

My books, I don't know how many total numbers of cupboards full of books we have. Both at old home and new home. I definitely miss all of them, the smell of those pages. Some books with my grand parents hand writings and covers. Some from my child hood and some from mom's collection. 

My oven. I baked a lot of things this time. Suddenly I have started developing interest in baking and the result was- a bread loaf, carrot cakes, chocolate-oat pudding and other baked dishes. Of course I cooked all sweet dishes using honey and less, very less sugar. I am going to miss my baking experiments for sure.

Ideas and things whom I call my life are just flowing through my mind but it is difficult to express them in one post. May be this longest stay at home after three years of leaving home for my career, made me happy and fresh even though it was full of ups and downs. 

People like me might say, ' Don't stay at home so long that your soul refuses to go back to work!' I would say, 'Can anybody judge the 'long stay' at home? No stay can be long!!'

To my folks, Frock buddy N, Shana, Bro buddies, Ms. SP Jain- 'I miss you' is of no use, just like 'Be in touch', We are soul mates and so..

'I will be back again to bug you!'

Love you India, I shall be proud of you, I shall love you even more accepting your flaws.

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  1. Bubblegum,

    Very true, any period of stay at home can not be termed " long ". Lucky you are to have such good friends. I am sure they will not mind you bugging them. If I was in their place, I would welcome it.

    Take care