January 9, 2013

Twists and Turns!-2012

I am a kind of magnate for unwanted or unpredictable twists and turns in my life. Apart from falling down on roads I have this special characteristic and so when nothing happens my friends always ask me, "Teri life mein kuch excitement nahi aya na bahot time se?!" It makes me keep mum as I always feel after the statement something weird is bound to happen. It happens too.

If I recollect things from last year I am sure I will be able to write a dozen of blog posts! The year was smooth yet with lots of twists and turns. Something like roller coaster ride in the Universal studio or a ride on the express highway built on a hill! Really.

A month or two in thinking about my higher studies, applying for the course, patiently waiting for the link to show my status of application and above all spending time with my Mumbai friends who are not actually in Mumbai. Two in Delhi and other two in Mumbai but in the world of studies and vendor visits. I rest my case- Oh no, we still glue together!

Some changes came in my thought processes. I completely conquered the fear of staying apart or staying in a foreign country and loosing my buddies one by one. As I write after six months of landing in Singapore, I feel we have come closer by several steps than ever. I must say I feel grown up and have matured with time too. Silly, my friend don't think so but no, I think I agree with myself! (Narcissism?)

I learnt about different categories of friends. Best friends, Good friends, Farcical friends and friends to move on and forget about. All categories enriched me with strength and patience, so my patience level has grown from minus one to one! :D

My life took a very big turn when I had to resign to pursue my studies. My first ever company- I said Good bye to. Activities related to such an act led me to understand my team mates better, my company better and above all some farcical friends even more better. I spent a hell lot of time with my buddies before leaving Mumbai. I was pampered enough by my mom dad in whatever time I could get to spend with them.

In Singapore, apart from falling sick and falling on the road, I was afraid and then thrilled to leave the student's life again. How to save money to how to enjoy in a foreign country, how to make new friends. Some realizations took place- I am quite a prankster! I have become choosy about friends! Even when I chose a friend and the friend doesn't respond to I don't mind- I move on. May be moving on and enjoying was the thing I learnt the best in the last year.

A thrilling ride of these twists and turns were a big dose of adrenaline. With the hope of getting such rides in this year, with a little bit of stability in my life,

A toast to such twists and turns, the best ever characteristic of my life!


  1. I have also learned being patient in the process of applying to universities and waiting for any update :)

    After leaving the job, I too sometimes fell into the nostalgia of work life..

    Nice post.. !!! Hope your next year would be full of adrenaline rush but of course on bright side :)

  2. Bubblegum,

    Nice categorizations of friends. One surely needs to move on if someone does not reciprocate. Have all the fun while you are there but do keep mind on studies also.

    Take care

  3. Good introspection. Good that you feel grown up!

    1. I used to feel grown up since I was four :D :D