January 5, 2013

A place of childhood(s)

I revisited not only mine but even my dad's childhood. My hometown Jamnagar. Though I have never lived in this 'Chhoti Kashi' (due to numbers of temples it has!), the place is quite boring, I still feel there is a string attached to me. The moment we enter Jamnagar, I feel a strange sense of familiarity, care and affection. Most of known shopkeepers to doctors know my dad by name, yeah my grand father was one of the most famous doctor of his time in the whole region.Even after twenty years of his demise people still come to meet us and share stories of his talent,ethics and value.

Dad and my buas never fail to mention their stories knitted in the city and the huge house of childhood, in which my bua stays now. Jamnagar is equal to my family home, the huge 'deli' with huge garden, parking space, store rooms and  a compound to play. Not only it has stories from my dad's childhood but even mine. The fair I used to visit every vacation and of course the circus! I could notice the circus still performs there! Childhood photos of papa, buas and of course mine are actually a bonus for me! I keep on recollecting things- Though the house is re-designed five years ago, I can connect to almost everything. I still remember the huge library hall and in which cupboard which kinds of books are there. Books which shaped me during holidays. The wooden stair case on which I still dance to make sound- subconsciously! The garden and the courtyard where I used to play for hours in summer vacations.

The town hall just opposite to the house is now a modern building surrounded by gardens now, 'delis' and an old 'bhutiya' haveli. Papa says the huge haveli has thousand 'varasdars' now and no one cares. I used to build stories about the haveli in my childhood which seems like a bundle of jokes now.

Sometimes I think, the city and our home both are connected to me in a strange way. I feel amazingly comfortable there though I have never lived in Jamnagar. Even super market to ice cream parlous  hospitals to temples. May be my grand father and then my dad is so much attached to them that the relation extends up to my heart. People mentioning about my grand father's charity treatment and ethics have a sense of respect,love and care for my family even though not me, my brother or my mom was involved.

Somethings are not worth explaining. For me, my brother and my mom.

We feel connected, always.


  1. Bubblegum,

    Please do not call Jamnagar boring. I spent 4 years there 40 years ago and I love that city. I got married half way through my stay there. I love that city. It must have changed a lot now as I last visited again about 22 years ago. I have a lot of memories of that place. We stayed close to cricket stadium.

    Take care

    1. For me the city is slow and I dont have friends or cousins over there and so.. Boring! Well I still love staying at my home opposite to town hall, in 'Prem Pratap'! Especially in chilled winter breeze! :)

  2. A city having a beautiful lake and a temple having a record of longest "akhand raamdhun" cant be boring..... :P
    But yes, it is a li'l slow during afternoon..... :D