January 28, 2013

The world I never want to be in..

We all have dream worlds and we also have night mare words. No to make it complex, we love some situations, we really hate some. Of course the pain, tears and confusions come in the latter one. I feel we make our own world but there is something whom I call 'the probe to switch the world' on this earth. They are books.

Books define the world we live in. We forget our actual emotions and float through the emotions the author tries to fill in the book with. Some authors do such things so smart that weak hearted (may be like me) just live the life of one of the characters or sometimes just witness the pain or the happiness offered to them.

A book can not be labeled as a bad book or the wrong book with due respect to the author, there are certain books which give me highly negative vibes.They put me into the cave where darkness wins over bright stars. I sink into the deep well where I have nothing to escape but just continue the reading and finish it over. There is one and only solution. I cant just stop in between. If I do so to even eat or sleep, I start travelling the same story in thoughts and dream or night mares. Generally it happens when I read thrillers. I would like to be honest they are addictive and painful.

I have come to this self realization today. Or I knew it but I dared to accept it today. I am one of those persons who slips into depressive world after finishing a 'Sydney Sheldon' or 'an author I don't remember'. In fact I cried today after reading such a book.A book describing crimes in hideous ways or spinning not-so-moral relations is certainly not my forte.

I started writing this blog just to flush out the feeling. I also accept I could not stop reading the book once I realized my fear for the same for some unknown reasons but looking at my mental state as of now, I think I might not pick a book of such a kind in next few months.

A tip to get over: Cry over a phone with a buddy and let her/him laugh on your reactions! Let the person make you understand that not all in this world are pervert minded or say ill minded.


  1. Bubblegum,

    Books do have an affect on person reading. Many of us do identify with some character in the book and that really makes us happy or sad or even scared. I feel that when one thinks that he or she is getting negative thoughts while reading a book it is better to put it down. I know it is difficult as one feels curious to know more and may feel empty if book is not read completely. Your anti-dote seems good.

    Take care

  2. I certainly agree, don't be in a bleak, dark and negative world of stories. If you enter by chance then be yourself, cry and cry until you succeed :)