January 15, 2013

Petrified- Four days in India

In a state of mind where I just want to relax in my balcony or that big couch in my drawing room and watch TV with a mug of warm milk.

There is a pinch of unknown pain in my heart and with the content feeling of being at home. Yet to discover what is going on.

Last month with ups and downs made me learn a lot. May be I manage myself better without being in touch with friends and still keeping them alive in my life.

I want to escape meeting everyone, cousins/friends coming from the rest of the world to relatives who all are eager to meet me to bid me good bye. I want to escape the pain of packing my bag with a heavy heart.

I am living a part of me here, or may be my soul.

The feeling will vanish with challenges I might face at the university again. As of now, I am trying to drag myself to do what so ever has to be done.

I have no other option as of now. I am petrified.


  1. Bubblegum,

    What has come over such an intelligent girl? Come on, pack and go to complete your studies for better future when you return finally. Cheer up.

    Take care

  2. There is fear of the unknown and then there is fear of the known. Why to fear when you know whats gonna greet you at the other chill..enjoy these days at home and look forward for the new challenges in SG. As always, we are there for you ;)

    Ping, poke, scream, shout - hum hai na ;) :D

  3. Now you can resume your Singapore life with refreshing and recharged mind !!

  4. This reminds me of the time when Sayesha visited us for the first time after going off to Singapore.

    She came out of the airport with the help of crutches. She had broken a leg in the University.

    She went back after one month, this time with a walking stick for support.