January 25, 2013

Itti si Khushi..

I was gloomy, staring my room in the hostel at Singapore. Life changed within a minute when I left my mom dad at the airport. I was homesick, adding into it, a fear of unknown had started growing.

My stars had some more troubles for me. Relatives started calling and asked about my 'future' just for the sake of their enthusiasm to attend my marriage. Phew. I do sound like a teenager sometimes.

I finished my unpacking stuff and lunch, opened my laptop. Most of the time I open 'Face Book' but since a month I am off to it. I don't like to dwell much on it. Too much social networking certainly kills your social life. Digressed.

I found one song on the desktop. I had downloaded it some days back. I subconsciously opened my bag and the awesome Sennheiser headphones gifted by my bunch of besties. I transferred it to my iphone, and it started.

Itti si hasi,
Itti si khushi,
Itta sa tukda chandka;
Khvaboke tinko se, chal banayen Ashiyan.

More than words, the rhythm changed my mood. I went to the balcony, with the song in the air with me. I wont exaggerate but I got all the warmth I crave for and which I get in India. Being with our own people is therapeutic.

'Adhi adhi baant le,
Aja dil ki yeh zamin,
Thoda sa tera bhi hoga,
Thoda mera bhi hoga, dil ka yeh ashiyan..

May be long distance feelings can dwell in the virtual heart!

PS: For a senior cum friend of mine, who is actually going through a difficult phase,

Dabey dabey paun se,
Aye holey holey zindagi,
Hotho pe kundi lagake,
Hum tale lagake,
Gumsum tarane chupake chupake gaye...

Enjoy being busy and record your songs!! :)


  1. Thank youuuuu..

    for blog and for song... I have been listening to it since you suggested :)

  2. LOL @ the relatives' calls - looks like everyone's relatives are the same :) I love this song btw.

  3. Bubblegum,

    Motivation for keeping positive attitude conveyed so well. Thanks.

    Take care

  4. This song is really good and worth listening n number of times. :)