February 27, 2013


So it was this day when my dad sent me 'A connect request' on Linkdin. (Linkedin should be awarded to get some key strokes from my dad, none of the social sites have done it so far!)

Okay, so professionally it may help me though I am quite sure I wont give his 30+ years of experience in the same field, a tough competition. I wouldn't dare to be in the exactly the same field and avoid our fights on the dining table which are theoretically won by me and sheesh, practically by him.

Digressed. So when I connected my account with his, with a shock of my friends already into his 'connections' I got a surprise from LinkedIn.

"Would you like to recommend XYZ"?

which is like, "Would you like to recommend your father?!"

I smiled. Well yeah definitely.

"He is the best best best and best father on this earth and I would not recommend him to any one as only I want to have this right to get his affection!  Okay, I should not be delusional but, only my brother and a bunch of cousins-youngest Masi can indulge into this luxury. No body else and so I don't recommend him exactly."

No, I did not post it.

Getting emotional apart from sprinkling my tears in front of my parents is not in my book! 


  1. 'My dad is the bestest.'
    'My dad is the strongest.'

  2. a potential long post compressed into this much?