April 2, 2013

Bubbling Bulletins!

So a friend called me yesterday,asked me in a quite a scary threatening way,

"Where is your new blog post?"

"Well I don't know...Umm.. I have nothing to write may be!"

"Or you will have many ideas accumulated in your mind to write about!"


Pause. Well I do have many updates but one more post with bullets did not trigger me to write. Frankly even I was scared when I saw ever decreasing count of posts per month. Not that I am a writer or something, but blogging gives me another world to pour my feelings out. There have been things I want to blog and I cant as I run out of intentions or guts but, I have seen many blogs dying or living in coma due to this. Certainly I don't want this to happen to my blog! So even with the risk of  bore you with my bulletins here I go!

  • Thanks to my evening night lectures which keeps my mind running at the super sonic speed even at twelve in the night, I have turned into a night person. I tried and even started getting up in the morning but my anti allergic (anti sneezing - nose leaking cum coughing) medicines made me sleep ten plus hours a day. When I stopped it, I continued sleeping for same numbers of hours but at odd times. Like from 3 am to 11 am?! So, after days, today when I got up at 7.30 am, I decided to blog! Isn't it a beautiful day with a cup of adarak wali chai?!  *Coughing!* *Sneezing* 
  • Some days ago, I felt amazingly at home!While eating canteen food in the university! Can you believe it? Yeah, so it was one of those lonely days before the lecture. No one was to give me a company to eat.I could not make anything at home. I wanted to eat something Indian and so I tried Komala's in the canteen! I was trying to locate an empty table.A Singaporean lady near by smiled (?!) at me and asked me to sit on the same table. She was quite casual,yeah she was working there. I smiled back and sat to wait for my Paneer Paratha to cool down. She started, " Is it some kind of a Dosai?!", I said no and explained how it is made. "India has amazing food range no?!", I smiled back. I was irritated with the taste of Paratha, which was horribly hot as well. I thought I should take Iced Milo. I got up and went to the stall which was empty. She got up and said, "You want iced Milo lah?", I nodded. She suddenly came forward and said," You go and eat lah, I will come and give you the glass"! Yeah, with that I got tissue papers as well. She sat down with me, talked to me while I finished the horrible Paratha. Period. Something like mom does at home, just sitting at the table while I eat!
  • The other day, when me and my Kiddo friend 1 (I will post about us some time!) wanted to eat hot waffles! I had an idea that it might contain eggs! So, we asked as my Kiddo friend 2 doesn't even tough eggs! I being, 'eggs only in cakes and not at home in raw form' girl I asked the lady making it, "Does this contain eggs?", She replied, "No!". I had a doubt. I pointed at the vessel where she had kept the batter and asked again. She laughed and said, "Yes yes Many Many egg!" Yeah English was being murdered.
  • Time flies. I came to Singapore a few months back, I realize now, very soon I am going to finish my studies. Many students feel at home in Singapore. I realized, I cant settle outside India.Period.
  • Next few months are not going to be easy. I have to cross check my ambitions and dreams every now and then. As I read it some where, "Dont give up what you want the most, for what you want now!"
  • April, is going to really challenging as well. With all sneezing coughing and sleeping problems, I have exams at the end.I have to fight with my destiny for my work, my life. Or may be convincing destiny works?
How about you all? Any bulletins?


  1. I am first time visiting your blog and the only thing I am doing right now is asking myself the same question again and again-'why the hell didn't I come to this blog earlier?'
    Keep us posted :)