April 21, 2013

Facts- Sudden realizations!

1. Miracles happen in every one's life. Just that you have to be with good people and you have to be good to them. You don't have to give up on life for the miracle to arrive.

2. When you give up on 'expectations' from life, life gives you a glass of nectar. You are shocked.

3. Your dad comes to Singapore, Gives you surprises and birthday gifts which includes Mangoes from India. Your friends enjoy a lot on the awesome dinner with your dad. You just observe things and you sleep peacefully for the very first time in Singapore.

4. You get a call from some people who can shape your life, your future. Not the employers.Your own people and suddenly you feel you have a shoulder to cry on and a life to crave for.

5.Your exams are approaching and you realize you are now experiencing last ever exams of your life. Yeah for the end of college life, you are happy. Unlike other students!

6.Your best friends bug you a lot and you still smile while yelling. They tell you some super intelligent stuffs - Like why I should be more independent and how I should spend time in cultivating my hobbies. Friends with matured minds!

7.You have a bunch of crazy flatmates who play with you in a kid's garden. You are blessed.

8. You have a room mate who knows you and never gets shocked by your behavior. May be I am becoming predictable!

9. You cut mangoes and eat with your friends- hostel mates. You experience the heaven.

10. You have so many happening events in life that your mind blocks 'blogging ability mode' and starts numbering sudden realizations called facts!

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