April 23, 2013

One pair of eyes!

Sometimes I wonder why did God give me only two eyes?! He actually obeyed the rule of standardization (How can I engineer such a sentence!) by giving those two dont-know-which-shaped-eyes but then like all designers he made mistakes. He gave me too many dreams,which are gushing out of my soul now,through the same pair of eyes. It always did but right now they are not under my control.

Dreams are  mischievous also, they change their shapes and sizes, they make me think a lot and they just refuse to let practical approaches come my way.Imagine two kids fighting- Dreams and Logic. One in eyes rooted to heart, one is in mind rooted deep inside my brain cells.

Sometimes I just open the 'Ever note' and let my hands type & when I type my mind doesn't use even 10% of its power. In fact I have a manufacturing defect, while writing my hands are controlled directly by my heart. Now you know why there are trillions of typos and billions of errors. You want to know what am I going to write? It is already embedded in my eyes! The real residence of culprits.

A dream just tried to jump out of my eyes, the dream about not doing any job and doing something on my own. One dream tried pushing it, it was about making a difference for my country. Before I could control other hundred dreams came and started fighting. I cant control them!

I told you, God made a blissful or a painful mistake, by giving me only one pair of eyes!


  1. Dreaming is good, welcome the dreams ,don't control them.. btw your manufacturing defect is adorable !

  2. Some great person had once told, "An artist's heart is his head."

    Happy dreaming!