April 14, 2013

Welcoming Twentee(n) Six!

Yeah I am welcoming my new teens! When I am finishing twenty fifth year of my life and spending  9125 days  according to my two adjacent roommates, I feel like I am entering new teens! There are reasons for that.

Yours truly has become more rebellious in thoughts. Rather in good language, I have grown up to an extent and I am little more matured. I take up decisions and feel responsible for the same. At the same time, I have become rigid in my ethics and which makes me behave like a teen age girl even though my teen age was not much of a problem for my parents. Mostly!

I want to do everything in life. A good job to trips to awesome places in the world. I want to do bungee jumping and Himalaya treks. I want to dance like no one is watching and I want to scream- shout just like those crazy people in very old fashioned cinema halls. Kind of a teen age syndrome?

The 'me' inside has become choosy - grumpy when it comes to mixing with people whom I don't like. I avoid talking much and have fairly showed the attitude ' I am not interested in you' pretty well. Though my friends have doubt over this part.

Just like any teenage girl I have started taking time in grooming myself. Yeah in my previous (or the real) teen age I had missed this part. What do you expect from a tom boyish girl in the class of guys of Mechanical Engineering? Well this time, I am  crazy over accessories  , clothes and grooming services! Come on, very soon I am going to earn again once I finish my studies.

The 'remain tip top' phenomena as we say in Mumbaiya language is being  complemented with pimples on my face. Yeah, teen age pimples have been growing on my face (pretty) lately. I have to accept that!

You know what? All these reasons even when kill me everyday emotionally, they are fun. Fun like those teenagers?! Even when they are a big question marks to themselves due to confusions and hormonal imbalances! I think I have got my teens back!

So, I, me, Myself, Miss Bubblegum welcome the second and new teen age of my life.

The Twentee-n six'th year!!

"Happy Birthday to the new teen!"

PS: All sad thoughts about suffering from quarter life crisis has been put aside for a while, as I see more fun in my current age! The post is going to contain some more awesome errors than other posts as this has been written in a total moody state of mind! 


  1. I avoid talking much and have fairly showed the attitude ' I am not interested in you' pretty well.

    I agree.
    by Anonymous

  2. Happy Birthday to the new teen!