April 13, 2013


Whenever I listen  the word butterfly, I always recall a dialogue from the movie 'The ultimate Gift'. Where the little girl, the cancer patient is asked "What do you think how it will be with God?!" and she replies, "Butterflies, lots of butter flies", the reason she gave was, "God paints wings of butterflies with his fingers." There is something in this dialogue. Definitely butterflies are close to God.

As my birthday 25th birthday is approaching, I am getting nervous. There are some news flowing in the air which actually helps me to revive my little positive mindset. My best buddies and me, flowing with the river  little stream of joys and this year can be important for each of us, professionally and personally. The little thought of missing each one of them gets sharpened but then upcoming news make me tearfully happy.

The reason of my nervousness also lies in calls of relatives pointing at me, who is entering the danger zone of 'Unmarried single girl'! I keep calm obviously. Some where I know everything will be fine, of course being the rebellious yet scared soul inside, it wont be too natural.

With my birthday, my exams are approaching, the never ending job hunting has started without any responses from the employers for all us. Life is not going to be easy. I am nervous.

Butterflies in my stomach.

May be God is taking care of their wings some where. He is still painting their wings.

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