April 16, 2013

Syllabus of the year 2013!

As I am back to teen age, I decided to define a syllabus of the school called 'Life'! In a real picture, I am going to experience some hundred changes in my day to day life, be it a professional front or the personal front. Adjustments and emotions are the main key factors.Here are my lessons!

Lesson 1: Patience, which is measured on negative scales as of now for yours truly. Patience comes with the control over mind, heart. It comes with  the trust in myself, my own people. I need to learn patience. Not every body is going to bother about my being impatient, those who will , are my own people. For their happiness and for my happiness, Bubblegum shall learn to create patience!

Lesson 2: Emotions in control. I have been blessed with a holy vessel of emotions called heart. It keeps on over flowing on each possible emotional situations. Joys, sorrows, pain and enjoyment. I need to balance them. If I have the aura of making people smile, I also have this pathetic side of spreading dullness. I need to be a responsible citizen and spread sunshine!

Lesson 3: Anger. Yeah I look quite cool but I am not. Some friends say anger sleeps on my nose (Yeah gussa nak pe sota hai!!!) Some friends say, I need a mole to make a mountain of fire! The cliche is, the speed is constant when it comes to loosing my mind and cooling it off. The sudden rush of fire burns many minds and hearts. Hurting people is not my business and so I am going to improve on this front.

Lesson 123 is the way of life in 2013 for me now! May the super power give me the courage to learn and gain expertise!

Yeah now all those friends smirking and closing the tab of the blog- Help me! :P

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  1. Expand your aura of making people smile. :))))))