December 5, 2013

Titbits this December!

I had decided a day back to blog today. It was planned unlike catering to my sudden rush to express over here. Life is moving faster than I had thought of. Life is in a metamorphosis stage, I am enjoying it with a pinch of anxiety, nervousness and panice hours some times.

As I always say, I am blessed with good people around me, I must say I am super lucky in Pune. I am slowly getting attached. I am always planning something or the other thing with some one or the other. The sentence can actually show my enthusiasm. The other reason of the joyful time of my life is I am mostly at peace with myself. And with Mr.ISB, both sets of parents. Credits to them.

New happening changes slowly gripping my heart and life both. I am cooking almost on daily basis. Alone. I am not a great cook but I manage to make dishes 'tasty'. I must say mothers are the most hard working and selfless person now. Till the age of 25 I never realised what is it to devote an entire life to the family and loving them the most in the world.

I have my own doubts about getting into the 'married now' mode. Months are left for me to get into it, but I am already feeling low when I think how am I going to manage job, hourse hold, relations and that too not affecting my own love for life. Of course, once I will dive, I am going to learn swimming, but these blues are not a surprise for soon-to-be-brides. Isnt it?

About my work, it has been more than a month I joined this company. I am in love with the people and the work as of now. I enjoy their company and the way they work. I like the way I am treated by my team mates turned into friends and my manager turned into my mentor. The profile demands time, dedication and hundred other skills, but then the life is all about learning and hard work.

About me. Well, I am finding ways to pamper myself after the day. Be it working out, dancing, reading or just relaxing. It can also include in a nice foot rub by myself. Simple joys of life? 

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