December 6, 2013

7th December - The special day!

Disclaimer: Please ignore grammatical very big grammatical mistakes. I am not that great in story telling as well.

Today, is a special day. It is the 27th wedding anniversary of my parents. They are attending some one else's marriage today. Okay, that is the different story that I never liked them enjoying the whole day even with us. I always wanted them to enjoy alone, it never happened once I was born. I think so.

Since a few months, I am listening quiet a few stories about their marriage from different resources. I just love these stories, more than my soon-to-happen wedding story. Seriously. Either my resources are great story tellers or I just love listening about my parents.

As one of my cousin Masis who called my mom to congratulate on my engagement, she asked the first thing to my mom, "What was Bubblegum doing when Mr. ISB and his parents met you people for the first time?", before the sentence completes, both started laughing to my amusement. Later on I was told that, when my dad and his cousin- cousin's husband came to see my mother, she was not too happy about seeing a guy. As she had no questions to ask in that mood, she just sat in the corner couch after being introduced and started reading a book with her thick framed spectacles. Yes, my mom dad never talked!

Once my dad and his relatives left, my Bua asked my dad if he liked my mom. He said, "well what can I say" and the confused statement was taken as "Yes"! On the other side, my mom's cousins and siblings were busy teasing her for the stupid action of hers and her anger. My mom particularly the most rebellious kid of the family wanted to study further and my Nanaji was not too happy about it. It was his plan to just let her see my dad. He had also asked my mom to not to wear her spectacles which can affect her beauty and that is what exactly she did. She never removed her spectacles! When the call stating my father's "Yes" came, the ball was in my mother's court. She actually with anger and no mood said "Yes". She says, she never regretted for the answer afterwards!

In fact my cousins ( kids of my Bua who accompanied my dad while meeting my mom for the first time) says, my mom looked so so so beautiful that they thought, average looking mama of them forced my mother to say Yes! In fact the son of my bua who was around fourteen at that time says, my mom was my first crush! Really. He says he used to love to be around my mom more than his strict Mama!

Some of my paternal relatives says, my mother being the most beautiful daughter in law of the family also had to face comments of people about her probable snobby nature which never came in between their relations. I feel so proud of my mom when all my buas praise her from their hearts.

About my father, well he is the second father to my youngest Masi. I lost my Nanaji before my birth when my youngest masi was in 4th Standard. Even today, my father says Bubblegum is my second daughter. Not only that, my youngest masi was my Dadima's favourite. I had confusions in my mind when I was young, if she is my masi, my bua or my elder sister! My father managed my mother's all siblings and my Nani all his life with affection and care just like his own family. Today when I see him at the peak of his career, with gray hairs or say almost no hair- I feel proud.

Wishing them on this special day is just a formal way of celebrating their anniversary. I want to benchmark the way they lived with dignity, love, affection and responsibilities. Hope I reach the mark some day.

Stories about my parents, their wedding have been special to me always. Stories about my relatives, by relatives have been special to me. If I am not wrong, that is why I was 'loved at first conversation' by Mr.ISB where I talked only about my family.

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