December 26, 2013

It was his birthday!

PS: After a lot of hard work, emotional-mental and physical I am trying to write this post, Awesome memories are the secret of my energy. Okay?

So, It was my Mr.ISB's birthday and I had declared a company conference in Chennai a long before. As close as two months? With each passing day I tried to show some guilt for not being there on his birthday. The plan was rolled out with the help of other two three his (and now mine!) friends at ISB. If I will describe how many friends of him, without meeting me, blessed us with great love care and friendship, I might need a separate post. So, as we all had planned I flew to Hyderabad on the pre-evening of the day.

Spending two hours before 12 at night, I met all his friends who had come to meet me where I had put up. As per plans, we all went to his hostel which is suppose to be one of the Student's Village where one of his friends handed over a card to him which said I am there to meet him, while I was far away behind a car waiting for his friend's green signal.

As I saw one of his friends waving his hand with a huge smile, I came out and saw his eyes searching for me and trying to manage his college mates around twenty in numbers who all wanted to wish him. He was giving thousand watt smile! I think the smile said it all, brain said he knew I would come!! *I am not sure how to react to this , even now!*

The night and the other two days spent in a birthday treat, ISB campus walks, tons of talks which were pending from my side and tons of care he could not show on call, chatting and leg pulling sessions with friends. His group mates with whom he had to submit assignments and presentations managed for the day and let him spend time with me- which I feel was the most beautiful gift to him and me as well. I got attached to the place and his friends just in two days.

I bet, if I would have thought even ten minutes than what I could, I would have postponed my return journey for two more days. With great memory, happiness and tons of tears I had to say bye to him.

Honestly I had thought of writing a really really really long post but I just realized I can not translate these expressions into words. Just cant.

So, Mr. ISB if you are reading this, let me tell you following things.

1. You are a messy person with great love for me. I ignore the first part.
2. You are over practical , that is what I used to think. I now think you are just practical and not over- practical.
3. You are the best life partner I can have as you handle all aspects of my personality with success. I give 10/10!
4.Above three points hold no worth in front of what I feel for you. Love, care, respect and friendship!

That is it for the post. I think I have traveled too deep inside the well of emotions.


  1. Some feelings can only be felt when one delves deep into a well of emotions. These cannot be expressed in words. That is the beauty of emotions.

    1. Very true Uncle. Pranam and Regards from both of us!