December 29, 2013

Uncertainties and life!

They are synonyms , at least for me. Apart from the guy I am going to marry and the goal to reduce weight in next five months, I guess are the only certain things I have in my life. The later needs hard work as well to take shape.

Right from shifting houses fore more than four times in a year ( I ignore past four years for my better state of mind today!), confusions and loyalties coming in between, weekend trips in pipe line, the really long shopping list my both mothers have made which makes me as a bride compulsory to participate, managing cash flow for rent, deposit, daily expenditure, shifting houses and shopping for wedding - These all are contributors of the Maha-confused state of mind of mine.

I am the person who likes to make a plan for daily chores I have to do. I need to have a plan. That is it. If things go twenty from nineteen , I can manage but if things don't take place in my virtual world for planning there is a disturbance in my mind. I loose track of things for a while and with that I loose sleep too.

Learning to say No to people, specially if they are your own people or you have given a word and situation change, it becomes really tough for me to explain or even state the 'NO' I want to say. I get anxiety attacks for small things like even how to say No to that shopkeeper who has shown me a good dress. Attacks may vary in altitudes and frequency with the root cause but it definitely makes me sleep less than I should. Whatever it may be.

In the new year resolution , if this one thing I really need to learn is to say No. Say No in the way people get convinced. It is an art and many people don't have it.

How do you say NO? Is it tough for you? Or I am the only sample piece like this. 

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