December 31, 2013

The year it was!-2013!

The year 2013 has a bad image of the number '13' and just like me, my fate does not believe in it. The dynamic year - A mechanical engineer can safely label. Dynamic is all about motion, changes in motion. It made me struggle as if I am facing a life threat, but it also gave me my 'Life'!

Friendship - Singapore!
Almost five months of this year went in earning myself a master's degree in this world of Singapore! The world which I miss just because it has my friends. A group of people who managed me and I managed (a little, agree!)  them during the tenure. Friends forever- the famous term makes sense now. Tea chit chats to dinner and post dinner chats, walking out side at midnight or going places where I would dream of being together with a group of friends, a mental shoulder to cry on or a lecture by them when I do silly things to my emotional state of mind. Everything, I owe everything to the friendship.

Where my parents came and felt proud about what I achieved. Where I stood giggling in the line to get the degree near the stage and the unusual pronunciation of my name did not let people understand when I reached and got converted into a post graduate professional.

I can highlight this moment as the biggest event of my life, when I was fed 'gud-dhana' by the mother of Mr.ISB and my mother did the same to him. Of course the absence of any other elderly person than our parents made sure that the event gets over in two minutes. Also note, we forgot to get both of us clicked together for the biggest event of our lives!

New job!
My decision to come back to India, was not liked by many and I had my own reasons. After a long struggle I managed to get a job while I had almost became a zombie in my mind. Kudos to my parents, my brother, my would be parents and Mr.ISB of course, to stop me from becoming an ape. The new job came with new friends, new experiences, new city and a fresh busy me.

2013 flew, sometimes it just stopped for months. The year it was. Totally Dynamic.

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