January 7, 2014

The story of the lost stuff.

I am not the one who forgets where I keep what and then turn the house upside down to hunt. I am not the one who loves throwing important stuff, if not everything down on the bed or table or a cup board. Yet it happened. I lost three important things of my life within three days.

1. ATM Debit card
2. My favourite eyeliner
3. My tata photon dongle

My three life lines and I dread thinking about life without them. In three of the cases I was too lucky to have things back. The debit card got lost and till this moment I have no clue how it went some where walking by itself from my wallet and some Mr.XYZ according to the bank customer care called and blocked it. Of course there was no monetary loss, I am getting a new one back today.

In case of eyeliner I am not sure how I got the same back from my would be in laws place, it actually traveled to Mumbai on its own. Also note, this eye liner is the only one which my eyes do not refuse to carry for close to two hours. Which is a pretty long period for my weird shaped eyes.

The tata photon! Honestly I did not misplaced it. I just forgot that I had given it to a friend of mine. I literally turned my room into a store room by emptying all possible closets on my bed to get that one card at 12 in the night. Luckily I messaged the very same friend regarding how tensed I am and Voila, he told me I had given the dongle to him a day back.

I am not sure if it is the sign of aging or I am being the 'messy one' due to Sangat ka asar!!! Yes, Mr.ISB I am pointing you.

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