January 9, 2014

Stories to tell!!

I have to blog this! Talking to Mr.ISB, any time boost my desire to blog. This time it happened too.

As I am preparing myself to shift to one more place, in the opposite end of the city, where my office is also relocating, I realized this is almost 'twelfth' shifting in last four years for me. Yes let me kill.

1. Ahmedabad to Nashik
2. Nashik to Pune
3. Pune to Nashik
4. Nashik to office accommodation Mumbai
5. Office Accommodation to Mumbai place-1
6. Mumbai place-1 to Mumbai place 2
7.Mumbai place 2 to Mumbai place 3
8. Mumbai place 3 to Mumbai place 4
9.Mumbai place 4 to Singapore (Not considering ten days temporary shifting back home!)
10.Singapore hostel 1 to Hostel 2
11. Hostel 2 to back home Ahmedabad
12. Ahmedabad to Pune place 1
13. Place 1 Pune to Place 2

If you are still reading on my count, it is over, as of now. I believe this has to be my last shifting before my wedding.

So while telling ( or counting on my own!) this count to Mr.ISB I realized, I have become a champion in packing- relocating. For bachelors especially. My dad calls me a cat, who changes her home every now and then. Well, Mr. ISB asked me to keep track on my skills and counts to tell stories of my shifting to our children.

Yes. Stories to tell. To our children. I think I need a big, interesting vacation to get over the fact that I might really tell them boring stories of my shifting out of anything in the world!!

Oh yes, stories of vacations should be added too. Includes packing. Right, Mr. ISB?

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