January 20, 2014

Things did not kill me!

Some wise guy has said it,'That thing which does not kill you makes you stronger.' This wise guy must be having hiccups today, as some knowledge I obtained in last few days make me feel the same and I would like to re-quote it today with the self- validation.

After a series of trips to some special cities and some not so special cities back to back since months, I had thought I might collapse with the fatigue these trips can create in my body. I was wrong. I am still alive and kicking travelling. I have full two months time table in my mind with certain potential additions to come. At the end of the each trip, I would think of cancelling all trips left and then my helplessness, some times hope recreate the spirit in me to travel one more time.

As I had written before, even shifting did not kill me. It made me realize things in life. Nothing is permanent in the life of a bachelor (PS: I avoid commenting about the life after wedding!) I have to be organized each time without resources like cupboards and utensils. Period.

My boss. I always think of bosses as that weird creature who calls you at the desk exactly the moment you want to leave office. Bosses can kill the subordinate virtually and morally. Well, he did not. He is not yet in that mood. He is nice, caring. He tries to mentor me well. He is considerate so far. I make mistakes, I am new to the system and he supports me as a good leader. Touch wood and God bless him.

There is one more thing I would love to add in the list. Gym. After a day it did not kill me but while I am writing this, after one full hour of working out - cardiovascular exercise  and machines. I might reconsider my statement or get killed.


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  1. Very true! Things that do not kill you make you stronger. That is how small pox vaccine, putting a small amount of its germs into our body, makes us immune to small pox.