January 14, 2014

blabbering post

Here I am, finally using my own Wifi for the first time in Pune from my home. Where I stay, it becomes home, right? I am relieved even after a very very long day at office and some not so successful tasks I had planned. I had decided, once I feel the way I am, right now, I will try to blog about things happened in some last few days with me, or I did things which are worth mentioning. Or may be not? Well, let me blabber.

We ( Me and my room mate) shifted to the opposite end of the city, as our office also got relocated. The fun we had and the pressure of packing we experienced was one of its kind from my all shifting experiences. We went to super market to borrow corrugated boxes, we packed things in bed sheets too, we actually scrapped 35 kg of scrap from the old home before giving keys back to the owner. We managed to run for about 700 mt of the road patch to call 'Raddi wale bhaiya', who also made us meet the 'Tempo wale bhaiya' for shifting. The blog would be dull if I dont mention the laughter attacks we had while travelling in the open tempo along with our luggage which include mattress, bags, potkas and boxes. The 'Tempo wale bhaiya' was also requested to click a picture of both of us before we got down from the cargo. Yeah we are that crazy.

My 'pawan' foot steps made sure the malfunctioning of the LCD TV and the Wifi router. We slipped into depression as soon as we realized that apart from the flat and the colony every thing around is just a concrete jungle in making. There is no thing such as public transportation including Auto rickshaws. I fell ill and shockingly cried over the call with my mom which is unusual.

All said and done, I am ( and my room mate too) peace with the situation. Things are moving ahead slowly but on a positive direction.

Every day I am coming closer to my wedding date - That is what my mother says. Honestly during week days I dont even feel it. I am sure I would have more stories to tell about my new home, new office and new days as a would be bride.

I think, my room mate is ready with the awesome ginger tea for me. Good bye!! :)

PS: Feeling amazing after the verbal text diarrhea I just had.

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