January 2, 2014


This is going to be something really serious. About resolutions. New year resolutions. Like the last year, my this year is going to be super dynamic both on personal and professional fronts. Like many other females the whole change is likely to affect my health (in terms of waist size and  immunity!) as any way my fitness score might hold the first rank from the last bench. What I want is to buck up, hold on to myself and improve my stamina, improve the way I feel, I want to change my fitness scale to the positive side.

The year 2014, is the year  I have to focus on health, fitness and well, figure. Priorities.

The gym , the dance or Yoga, anything I can work on. Walking is always a part of my life so I am not counting it in. The wedding, the job and responsibilities coming soon with this year. The fun, the excitement and nervousness attached with this year have to be managed with the fit body and peaceful soul. I am noting down some resolutions to keep the resolution to the point.

Get on the dance floor:
Dancing is never tiresome for me. It gives me fresh energy. Ask me to jog for even twenty minutes, I wont be able to do it even for more than five minutes. Ask me to dance, I can do it for hours. Proof: Navratri days! I want to feel the endorphin levels by dance regularly. If I am dull, if I have my own space, dance is the first thing which can rescue me. May be last too.

Gymie Gymie:
Now this is super tricky. Months of procrastination and I am again at the point where I see no option but to join gym. This or that, arguments come, situations make it impossible to even try working out in a gym. 2014 will be the year where I am going to face all fears and problems to join a decent gym!

Cook, the healthy food: 
Cooking is an art and when your heart does the art, not only you, all those guinea pigs get blessed. Being on my own, in a house with friends definitely gives you no risk guinea pigs aka room mates but it also gives you reasons to feel lazy to cook. Otherwise I manage to cook , I want to make it a usual thing. Even when I have to get up at 6. Yes. Baking, of course is on break due unavailability of the oven.

I guess three point resolution, not a too big a deal, right? How big is your deal??

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