February 3, 2014


There is a building under construction in my colony and it comes on my way to any damn place on the earth as it is situated exactly on the entrance of the colony.

I was walking by to come to office. As I explained before how desperately I want a two wheeler doesnt make difference till the day I get but as of now I have to walk for minimum twenty minutes to reach any where - Gym, office or even a medical store. No they do not do home delivery.

So here I was, trying to manage the Dupatta which is an essential need in this area of the city due to ever floating dust particles in the air, my gym bag and of course the laptop bag. I wanted to call my mom and this has been a schedule from the date I shifted to the area. I heard some voices.

I looked in the direction and found two men on the semi-constructed balcony of the mentioned building. They whistled at me and also passed comments. I was angry but I kept on walking with a duppatta on my face. My eyes were definitely vomiting fire. I walked off.

I walked off. I made a mistake.

I wanted to slap those jerks and then the practical me thought , I am living alone here. Who is going to help me. I might be right for some people. I am ashamed of myself.

I walked off from such a situation for the first time. 

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  1. Such things are a national shame.

    I felt sad to read about it.