February 24, 2014

Days have been..

Busy. Super Busy.

Work at office- work pressure at office, wedding blues and irritating sleep pattern. Of course, the cherry on the torture cake became the injured knee. Yes, I managed to fall one more time, flat on my face just because of weakness I induced in myself for some unknown reasons. Luckily I was gifted no scars on my face only an injury on knee which is a quarterly business now. My knees are now like those permanently decorated wedding halls with lights and chandeliers to give on lease without any fuss of extra decoration! 

Damn. I think only about two things now - Wedding and Office work.The first one involves tones of thoughts (If thoughts can be weighed!) and super sonic speed of the processor I have in my brain. The second one is messed up with slow gradual gripping sessions in day time, in the complex networks of my tiny mind. 

Beautiful things. Well Oh,they happened too. Mr.ISB came to visit me for a day and a half in Pune. Shocked by exorbitant auto rates in the area I live, we managed to spend good amount of time laughing over his jokes. On me of course. May be humor is the sure shot magnet for me. Mr.ISB , if you are reading, do not go over board, it might strike against you!! ( * Yeah that 'Badi Badi Ankhein face*)

Some more beautiful things? Well, a good friend of mine shifted in my area , we managed to conquer some brilliant book shops, grocery shops, a home cafe, craft shops and well lots of 'Photos of designer sarees and Cholis' collection sessions!

Sad days included the work pressure and the I-am-yet-to-shop-for-wedding blues. The manager kept on sitting on my head with no result we could fetch and still trying the best by bugging each other. Tough times.

While I spent sleepless nights or disturbed sleeps for hours in Pune, I slept like an animal with open mouth while travelling. Needless to stay at Mr.ISB's place, the peace was so peaceful (If it makes sense!) that I slept off within 2-3 minutes after lying on the bed.

These days I have learnt a lot in introspection. People I thought are very nice, now seem a little different. People whom I thought are picky and a little bit egoistic, seem very friendly and extremely helpful. May be I am that old Bubblegum who always made mistakes in judging people. Always. I thought I had stopped judging but honestly picking up images of people is same as judging.

With all these cluttered worries and fun in life, I also understood how lucky I have been all my life. Getting lovely parents by birth, getting caring second set of parents (Gifted by Mr.ISB) whom people call in laws, getting a dashing and yet boring younger brother, best friends wherever I go and also best friends who remain there and will remain there forever and of course Mr.ISB.

Days have been full of a little sad feeling,  happy feelings , smileys and realization of how lucky this Bubblegum is! What's up with you?

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