February 15, 2014

On the edge.

I have become edgy. If I really want to put it in one word. Either it is wedding shopping, or too much of travelling or heavy work load or not being able to learn things or that stretch of twenty minutes to home or late night office calls with global stake holders or not being able to stay with any of my families. Anything. The conclusion is I am edgy, I am irritated. You pinch me and I will punch you.

There are thousand things in this soon-to-be-bride and a forever-crazy person's mind, none of them is taking shape now. These are feasible wishes and still Ms.Bubblegum is not being able to take up any. Of course this is irritating. 

I want to cook. Honestly where I live the kitchen is not worth entering into. Cooking is a far away story. Making tea has been reduced by 80% and most of the times my meal includes milk and sprouts. 

I want to keep everything neat and clean in an artistically arranged way. I realized I have a severe problem with everything 'arranged' right now. Talks apart, two girls in twenties, sharing one room and a cupboard- the whole thing makes only one sense. Most of our clothes are to be kept in side those big trolley bags. Annoying. Irritating. 

If I plan for the gym there are many hurdles to come. I have to leave early from office, which is the biggest hurdle. I have to walk in a weird, strange and dark road. I have to make the vehicle purchasing act more aggressive which is not happening. I should be healthy enough to go to gym too. Period. 

I want to go for a break. Alone. Some where on the beach , early in the morning with no worries in my mind, bare feet, day dreaming. Likely to never happen soon. 

The only thing I want to do which is feasible is drinking more water. My lazy nature keeps on forgetting that too. 

If everything you want to do has some billion hurdles and if-and-buts, will you be edgy? Yes? It is me too.No? We are different. 

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  1. :) Whatte big list! Everything you wanna do will fall into place. Just for the time being maybe try one at a time :P