February 10, 2014

The wisdom strikes!

That morning, when the alarm screamed, I opened my eyes. Honestly, deep sleep is a kind of luxury and my subconscious mind was aware of the early morning bus which would drag me to Pune. I barely had slept off for four hours.

I walked off to the wash room ,with drowsy eyes and a brush in the hand. I  saw myself in the mirror. I was devastated. Even after putting efforts in feeding myself only good and healthy food, sweating like anything in the gym , my darling cheeks were visibly pink and chubby. Almost like a baby whose cheeks just refuse to protest on gravitational force and keep on trying to touch the ground. 

And I opened my mouth to insert the brush with a sad face,the wisdom sparked in the fertile mind. Through the jaw line.

Yes, yours truly has been blessed with some wisdom.

In the form of a wisdom tooth.

PS:The moment was celebrated with a silent screaming sessions by Bubblegum till she was done brushing.


  1. Bubblegum,

    Congratulations on becoming wise. You did right thing to ignore those idiots as living alone one needs to be very cautious. Hope they were just visiting and do not make it a habit.

    Take care

    1. Oh my God, Uncle how are you? Long long long time! I was worried. How is your health?