February 26, 2014


  • Days when I feel like indulging into books which do not belong to my wish list and I start loving them, all of them.
  • Days when I feel like getting drenched in a shower and drink water till each cell of my body is filled up.
  • Days when I feel like leaving all those worries I have filled in my brain and go some where far away.
  • Days when I am no more a social person but the one who craves to be alone, at the same time when my favorite people are around me- I do not even feel like leaving them.
  • Days when I feel like sleeping peacefully and when I try to sleep even a second looks like an age.
  • Days when I would love to switch off my mind and just float on a warm water pool. (PS: I cant swim!)
  • Days when I get irritated on each and every person I like to be with and just shudder to even see people whom I dislike.
  • Days when I drag myself to gym and after the working out I drag myself to home. Honestly I have started loving my office more than home even though the work load is immense. The gym comes in between.Period.
  • Days when I just want to go home and then at the same time I feel like going on a vacation all alone.
  • Day when I just want to shop till I drop (Or my dad drops me!) and at the same time, during week days I escape from even listening to shopping related talks. There are exceptions,  Friends S and L who are my office-mates-cum-friends make me go gaga over all outfits they check on net. 
  • Days when I feel extremely ugly and dull when I think about how I am not capable enough to carry the bride look. 
  • Days when my tiny heart stops beating as soon as I hear about post-wedding changes from girls who can not do anything but to scare me. 
  • Days when I feel like going home and sleep. On the bed which is mine since the day I understood what is mine and what is not. 
Ah, Yes I am going home tomorrow. 

Days when I want to leave for home every minute? 

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