February 2, 2014

To Do ! - Feb'14.

Publishing my own to do list, to be checked in this February can be an idea to keep myself in check with my wishes. Later on regretting for my laziness or lack of actions can be dangerous for my healthy state of mind. Here is a list of sensible, stupid, weird and funny list of things I want to do!

  • As I continue with gymming, I need to improve my stamina. This month I should reduce those flabby cells around my body and start developing stamina to do Himalayan treks, not that I am planning to do but hey you never know!
  • I want to re-start reading. I have absolutely been performing zero from the day I landed in Pune. Temporary accommodations have made it next to impossible for me to create a tiny library of my own. May be I am making an excuse. I am not liking books I am getting. Plain truth. May be I need to start spending bucks on books and not on junk food.
  • No, I am not a junk food lover. My room mates are. It is next to impossible for them to live without it and it makes me slip into the world of fat cells easily. I have gained controlled over my temptations but not on my schedules which give me little time to cook. I need to cook again, after the break of a week where I enjoyed healthy tasty food from my company. Time to go back to the kitchen?
  • Office work. I need to be more alert, I need to be excellent when it comes to file management and record keeping. I dont deal with any of these skills directly, they are worth giving attention to. Soft skills can be a stepping stone to the chair you are eyeing to. 
  • I am going nuts without a vehicle. My very first pendinbg activity for this week should be buying a two wheeler. With those two wheels I can steer my hectic schedule in a pretty perfect way. Really. 
I think with these simple five bullet point to shoot, I can be done with the to do list for this week. I might sound boring as a blogger, I am enjoying writing my life off on this blog. 


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