March 10, 2014

A bucket full of bullets!

I am sorry, I am not able to blog much. That is for myself. I feel desperate to blog and the moment I start writing suddenly I feel nothing is worth blogging. Too many emotions gripping me from 360 degrees and my poor tiny mind swings over them.

  • I am scared of walking in dark in the patch from office to home or home to office. The people around are weird, not at all polished and no street lights. Some how buying a vehicle is getting delayed, I just have to manage this phase. More than getting scared, it is also about time management. Increasing work pressure and also my wish to get fit before my wedding takes a toll on my will power every day.
  • Shopping is something on my cards all time. Be it traditional or western wears. I am yet to find a logic behind buying so many clothes, even when people say what I am buying less than other girls! God bless me! 
  • I miss home. My office friends say I glow like some thousand watt bulb when I come back from home. Over here in this city, my glow totally turns off from the face. I noted the same this time and I am amused than feeling sad. I do not do anything special home!! Yeah, meet special people! :) 
  • I was on book marathon last week. Loved and enjoyed the time I could read! This is one of the ways to keep stress away from me. Yeah it works.
  • I make blunders in judging people. A girl whom I felt was super picky and arrogant is one of my partners in crime. I have accepted her with her flaws and she has done the same. Touch wood, but I never felt so good over here in Pune. Coffee breaks, shopping sessions to going to a small home cafe near by is something we do passionately apart from talking talking talking whenever get time. People in office think we stay together! For no reasons!
  • Another friend-senior-guide and teacher in performing crime in office is taking sabbatical for three months and that means I can not meet her for next few months. I am not sure with whom I am going to enjoy walks after lunch!
  • I was irritated on myself and any other who came to talk to me last week. I fought with everyone. Then suddenly one moment I realised what I needed was to feel good about myself. With the help of books and some reading online I tried to came back to peaceful state of mind. I think so. 
  • It was such a good feeling when my manager asked me to come to his desk and blessed me like a father figure, He told Mr.ISB and his subordinate, yours truly, look so so good together. Yes, he is on my FaceBook! 
  • My life is being written on Lotus calendar, hour by hour. Yeah, I feel like deleting them all and live life the way I want in terms of duration for whatever I do. Well, that is a sudden rush but worth penning down!
Ajke lie itna hi., Dhanyavad!

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