March 20, 2014

Dreams of my wedding Or Wedding of my dreams!

Disclaimer: Too pinky - girlie post out there!

When people used to say, all girls have dreams, wishes and hopes for their weddings! I used to laugh at them shamelessly , as I was one of those girls,who when disclosed the news of 'getting some one' on a big social platform like Facebook and What'sapp, 60% of people refused to believe. All of them thought I am playing some serious kind of a prank. Forget about dreaming about my own wedding, I used to get bugged up by talks of preparations, weeks before.

The reality stuck on me last weekend,when I visited home.Even when it was for those three days. Parents and cousins were so super excited about it. When they involved me in details like making Rangolis every day, painting traditional designs on the wall, choreography , DJ, traditional songs selection and what not - I was numb with joy. Honestly, I was thrilled. I never knew it can be so much of fun. Then the shopping sessions started and after a few hours I was bored enough - Yeah I can not tolerate unending shopping sprees- I love decisive and sweeter ones!

Today when again my mom and other masis called me while buying gifts for guests,they asked for my views (being the only artistic member in the family!) the wedding arrow stuck me hard. I realized I have views and some were imaginary ones which will always be illusions. Well, we call them dreams.

Then subjects like photography, costumes, my parent's attires throughout all functions came one by one apart from serious meetings in the office. First time I felt the emotion of joy and excitement for my own wedding over powered my dedication towards boring meetings! Everything occurred in my eyes - I was dreaming.

A dream of looking gorgeous , a dream of glowing with joy, a dream of seeing our parents enjoying one of the biggest functions my family will ever witness, a dream of fulfilling all my ideas about the W-day, a dream of getting crisp -brilliant shots, a dream of getting a cute coffee table books, a dream of getting super dark mehendi, a dream of performing funky duet song, a dream of watching cousins and friends performing their hearts out, a dream of seeing our parents dancing on duet songs!

Feeling those butterflies when every one out there will notice gestures, postures and grace. Even tears and

The joy which can feel you drenched, only once in your life! I agree with all those aunties who warned me years ago. Ah, Those dreams which almost all girls paint in their fantasy lands!

I recalled, " Sapne dekho, Zarur dekho, bas usey pure honeki ummeedey mat rakho!"

May be it can make me come back to sanity, reality. 

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  1. Whatte! Shabaash level post and way to giving your 100% :)