March 18, 2014

The bucket list!

There are thousands of things I want to do and like a true girl, there is a big wish list for shopping. Like a true tom boyish girl I  have a big action list, as well. Days, I have been wanting to post it but I was scared. Once it is on my blog it will be recorded for the rest of my life and that is where the problem lies. If I can not fulfill even one, in future I might cry on that. Today, in the morning I realized , when I am just a few days ( In double digit guys, take a chill pill!) from my wedding, I would love to give some pressure to my brains to develop dreams/fulfill which I can. Not that I want to fulfill all before the wedding, but I would love to introspect and tick things from my wish list as fast as I can- a bucket full of lists! Most of them are not related to my single or married status. In fact most of them will be fun to do with Mr. ISB. Let me start!

  • Gym, I have started and I have been liking it a lot. The problem is the distance my mind and body has to travel from home-office-gym-home. Well, a vehicle is still some days away. I want to get fit in any case.
  • Dance more often. No, may be restart. This one thing is something I can go on for hours and is a true meditation for me. 
  • Driving a car. By December this year. This has been keeping me away from being the most independent girl in my world! I have to fight this fear of mine, at any cost now.
  • Swimming. I shudder at even a thought of  getting down in water. I am not afraid of beaches, I love them. I am scared of swimming pools, trust me. Water and chlorinated water. It just destroys my skin and will power to fight. I wonder how these girls swim!
  • Work better, smarter. I have been learning a lot, slogging a lot. At the end of the day, I just want to go steps further in my career plan! 
  • If I tell you about shopping,its going to be a big wish list. Cosmetics ( Dude, I am a girl after all), a sarong to try (Dont look at my figure now!), a jump suit,a frock, a hand bag, a wallet , cute hair pins and well, it never ends without ear rings! I am so bloody choosy that, I hope some day I get all of them!
  • Cooking. This has taken a back step and once I get a home in this city, (Home is where the family is, alright?) first thing I am going to purchase is an oven. May be I need a home to cook and some subjects to experiment on ! ;)
  • Vacations. After earning (see, I am not demanding sort of!) for a year or so, atleast one vacation a year is must. Okay? :D
  • I want to flaunt chiffon sarees like Yashraj films show! I am that filmy yes. I also want to roam around on a beach with shorts and jumpsuits. All these needs best of figures. I am back to square one on the list, Gym.
  • Spa. Some where, some time I just feel like going for it and some unknown fears grip me and I never go to body spa or even foot spa for that matter. I would like to tick this off this year, some day.
  • Photography has taken a step back. Rather ten steps back. After wedding, photography is something I am looking forward to start and learn. Really really needed.
  • I want to stitch a sarong - Kaftan ( Not a big deal, really!) for the upcoming beach holiday! 
I am pretty sure, I am going to conquer all of them this year! Yeah all of them! Get set go! :)

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