March 25, 2014

I have got wings!

Yes, my constant cribbing about exertion due to walks through rough patches from home room- office - gym every day is no more in existence. I have got my wings! An Activa-i. A very first proud possession!

Life has become simpler. Morning gym sessions create energy for the pre-lunch office discussions and every one is noting me smiling through out the day. I can roam around on my own, I can purchase whatever I want and without fear safely with all energy I can reach my room back in the evening or night.

Smiles are already on my face while planning for a home trip, a trip to The Indian School Of Business to meet Mr. ISB and witness him getting graduating, along with my imaginary convocation as a life partner of the over busy ISB student. Of course the joy of resolving what-should-I-wear-in-functions problems of my wedding is a reason to be blamed for my over smiling face as well.

Touch wood. With wings, things are settling. Nervousness hovering but they all make pre-wedding months beautiful.


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