March 2, 2014

He is there some where but not here, with us.

For my father and mother, he was a father figure. For my Bua he was a friend, a life partner and everything. For me and my cousins he was our grand father (I do not remember my grand father apart from one face I seen till I was four!), he was our friend. He was our guide. He was our doctor. For thousands of people he was the great plastic surgeon of his times.

He was not keeping well. Since more than a year.

He passed away. He met and blessed me and Mr.ISB a few months ago, that is the only consolation. I would never forget my God, who did not let him bless us on our wedding.

I was coming back from Ahmedabad to Pune after three brilliant days at home. He asked to keep on enjoying the phase as it comes once in every one's life. The courtship period. We all were busy in preparations for my wedding a few months away. He chose to pass away when I left my town and was travelling. It was my Bua's decision to inform me in the morning once I reach Pune. I have no words.

My bua who declared no mourning sessions or rituals for my Fufa who was a firm believer in enjoying life without any social stigma. She declared, no one will wear white clothes after today. Even she wont, as my fufa loved her as she is - Colourful. She asked me not to come back as for my fufa, my smile was more important then the sadness which comes into the picture with people coming to meet her at home.

This can be a simple rant, but may be this is the way I can express myself today.

Wherever you are Fua ( Fufa), You have to come to our wedding to bless us. You have to be there forever. 

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  1. I join you in wishing your Fufa enjoy 'life' wherever he is.