December 21, 2014

Friendship at the fence.

Two kids. Boys. In the age when they start building opinions but yet to face brutality of the world. A Jew and  a German. Divided by a fence but not actually. United by their friendship.

Curiosity and loneliness are same. Situations are different. One is tortured victim of the concentration camps. The other is having all the luxuries of life but friends. One has fat cells and muscles, another is loosing all of them. One is the subject for the Fury, another is from the family who is serving the Fury. They share their lives and thoughts about everything around them.

Right from Berlin and Poland to family members. From disappearing family friends from one side of the fence to family members who are suppose to obey orders of the Fury who decides about lives on the other side of the fence. Apart from thoughts and feelings the German kid passes pieces of cakes and breads to the Jew kid. 

Life was not too bad till the day when they decided to be on the miserable side of the fence.

Both without hair on the head.Both are of same age. Both in Striped Pajamas. Both full of humanity and opinions. Both unknown to the ugly end. Both trying to find some one in the camp. Both were forced to march in the room with other people with striped pajamas by soldiers. 

The friendship and humanity dies together after they hear the closing door and a click of some moving mechanism. 


PS: It is impossible to not to write about this book. The boy in the striped Pajama.


  1. The story just ravages you! You're right, its impossible not to write about it.

  2. Very nice story. The last part of the story is speechless.