December 18, 2014

Random twists - This and that.

If you think no twist can be random. Well, I may have a problem with your belief. It happened to me and it is happening even now.

In last some days or weeks, my life got some small and big twists or rather I could see them coming but they never came. Just like the rubber band which comes back to the original shape after giving a twist without attaching it to anything solid. The twist on the band never gets the solid support to add some value in the function of the band.

Indecisiveness in some of the major areas of my life is prevalent right now. Generally I do not dwell over issues much and delay taking quick actions but then, there is always something new in my personality I every time I introspect. May be some situations together as a team plays a lead role in giving birth to this new found trait.

The numbness or procrastination , I am not able to judge what has taken over my entire life. I am showing zero emotions for things I adore or I hate, even now. A dozen Panipuri on the table, an ever increasing pending book list or even tasks at office which would offer zero value to me or my organization, TED talks waiting in the buffer state or planning some dreamy trips next year.

Some opportunities touch you and fly away, I yawn. In my heart, I love to cling to it and never let it go but then situations hog my enthusiasm. The dullness in the professional life is eating away my excitement to live shine and bright. They basic major traits of my personality,that is what every one says.

Like Some Ms.Murphy said in this article, my practice of 'Deep' reading needs to be 're-kindled'. May be some more paperback books  need to be bought. There is one more day before the weekend comes so  I can get up and dive in the hot tea made by my always-thirsty-for-tea soul. May be there is some thousand liters of will power to get up and buy a pair of dumbbells which might make me look less like a body builder who has fat cells all over the forearms and not muscles. May be I am waiting for that one phone call which would make me forget all those dull professional moments into a tiny new dream of doing something really fruitful. May be I can delete the 'Whatsapp' and 'Facebook' without the fear of loosing close friends.

There are so many wishes hidden in all those 'May be' but there is also a big gap of something called 'Will' and 'Budget'. Well, 'May be, some day', I would get over these random twists and govern myself to some specific twist.

I am sure the post makes some sense, if does not you know my state of mind!

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