December 15, 2014

When going gets tough..

When your professional life goes haywire. When you get tired of your own tears for the non value added activities and a stagnant learning curve at the present office you work. When you can not focus on a book. When your iPad and laptops give your eyes some dark circles. When every day, post lunch your eyes pop out for nothing. When not a single thing works out.

You wait for your sister (In law) to come to Pune, who is equally pissed off with uncertainty in life.And...

Then you bake Cinnamon rolls with burnt ages as while chatting we forgot that we had kept something in the OTG.

Then you just laugh watching some silly stupid Bollywood spoofs in such a way that neighbors come to know about your hidden-homely (if it makes sense) personality trait of laughing with your lungs (again, if it makes sense), really!

Then we irritate Mr.ISB in such a fashion that he gets almost installed in some Football game on the iPad, ignoring us.

Then you almost start chatting with the lady at Amazon USA like a friend, who makes me work like a cyber spy to fill in some information regarding long-forgotten-registration details of kindle. You need the Kindle at any cost now! :)

Then you get tired right at 10 and you would hate to sleep as you want to have fun having a night out.


How was your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

    P. S.: After returning from Singapore, I have posted a piece about my visit to Bali island in my blog.