December 20, 2014

Kindled Up

It happened again. Just like my first iPhone which my dad gifted, was a result of my deep research as an upcoming smart phone buyer which lasted for more than six months. People ( Dad) lost patience and gifted me this phone. It happened one more time. The device and the person are different this time. 

Since weeks I wanted the kindle Paper white. Reasons were many. My burning eyes, my inability to read even three pages on iPad together unlike my track record of completing 300 pages book at one go and some budget constraints due to other big expenses. Then a cousin of mine planned for India trip and so I started drawing the plan of getting an e-reader from USA. I started getting confused regarding warranty and taxes amazon would ask me to pay. My already pissed of job life created blisters as well for the same subject at home. Frustration just grows exponentially when I can not read, for days together.

Then the mobile pinged when I was busy discussing about the same at office. Mr.ISB messaged not to worry further as he has ordered one Kindle, exactly the same I wanted. My eyes popped out and the mind danced in the virtual library. Today.... I got the joy in my hands! 

I spent some twenty minutes in registering Kindle with some cups of freshly brewed spicy tea. The steam coming out of the cup filled my soul with sweet-spicy aroma which let me travel the Tuscan country. Yes, I was reading "Under the Tuscan Sun" and enjoying my 'Life' in Olives and Wines. I am yet to finish the book but I suppose I am going to become the fan of Italian food - Olive oil, Sauteed bell peppers, caramelized onions, tasty baby tomatoes and Ricotta. 

There is a sense of brilliant satisfaction in spending the whole day reading the book which rested in your pending reading list since months.

As now my next-favorite-book is being planned, I am feeling loved - By books. 

Totally Kindled- up :)

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