December 29, 2014

This and that, again

Last some days have been ultra fast paced for me. A short trip to Ahmedabad to attend a cousin's wedding at the same venue where we got married! I must say, for the first time I actually observed decoration, food and other stuff. Wait, I have so many things to write and I am in no mood to structure this blog post. Let me shoot bullet points.

  • Zero oil Undhiyu with I-dont-know-what-all-vegetables was prepared and packed for Mr.ISB by mom. We all love it. Not only Undhiyu, my family is famous for making 'Methi Chimed' which is nearly 'Methi pak' with lots of 'Vasanas' in the super freezing winter, so a pack specially for me and my youngest (and spoiled by my own parents as their very first daughter) Masi. My dad also found some ghost place in a village near Ahmedabad where a guy sells 'Ubatiyu' which is basically roasted whole vegetables with some spices in an earthen pot on coal stove. Some people do feel it is close to Undhiyu but believe me the coal roasted vegetables have different kind of Aroma! I do feel bad for my Gujarat friends and Mr.ISB who are far away from some super healthy traditional Gujarati food.
  • I miss my real 'fai' who passed away a few days before my wedding. She was one of the finest cook I could ever met after my paternal grandmother. She was the person who kept the tradition of preparing 'Methi Chimed' alive which her (and now mine) maiden family had created ages ago. Of course my mom is the one who is keeping it alive now and looking at the love for the dish I might learn as well. Amen.
  • I missed tea made by me in Ahmedabad. I miss it in Mumbai as well. Not to boast my not at all developed culinary skills but I like the tea prepared by me, that is it. None of my moms or fathers make the tea which can give me a kick. Yeah , the guy near my office once offered me a cup of cutting tea without any cost when I refused to accompany my friends for the tea -break. I loved it to death. No exaggeration. 
  • My mom gifted a beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal earrings and pendant. Actually, it is a Diwali gift which had to be altered according to the diameter of the pierced holes in my ears. I love the pair and I am trying to check out the calendar how soon I can flaunt them. 
  • After four days of laughter attacks without any pause at Ahmedabad ( I had 2 masis and 1 mama to manage while they crack atom bombs of jokes), my throat is confused about how to talk. The winter has made it even worst. The good point is my throat is not even hurting and still making me a silent observer in the office. 
  • Pune has become so cold that I want to bury myself under 15 blankets and sleep for hours. 
  • My kindle has become the best friend since the day it arrived. Period. I am reading books on world war 2 on war footing. 
  • I had thought once I would cross 25, my acne would vanish magically. Every one used to tell me the same story till 2013. Nothing is magical, guys. I still have teenage acne. Really.
  • My sister (in law) is in Spain with her friends enjoying the most awaited trip of her life, sending me photos of beautiful European coastal houses and kitchens. I feel she is living 'Under the Tuscan Sun' for some reasons. May be I love the book.
How was your weekend? :) 

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