January 13, 2015

Allergy to the unknown

I have caught one. Suddenly.

I had to go to an old area of Pune city. Call it the heart of the city. My old office and a hands on training session. Nothing can go wrong with the combination. Well, that is what my thought process was before a day.

The moment I reached the place on a bike with a friend of mine. I sneezed. I entered the class room, I sneezed. The introductory session ended and I sneezed. Within an hour of the actual session my nose was converted into 'Gangotri' for the liquid coming with the force of 'Bhagirathi'. Sorry for the sort of wrong analogy.

I would never ever like any one to go through this. It is brutal to not to have a handkerchief when your nose is leaking like a  malfunctioning valve. Yes, the valve. I am a mechanical engineer after all. I managed to get a bundle of tissue papers with super hard surface which had co-efficient of friction as much as rubber. That is 1. In simple language the surface of my nose resembled a carpet in color red by the time we got a break for the lunch.

My colleague and also a very close friend decided to take matter in her hands and I swallowed anti-histamine in the middle of the day. The whole class was tired of counting numbers of times I was sneezing.

After an hour, I was numb. Numb and dumb under the effect of medicine. Eyes were shutting off and I was given tea which was close to sugar syrup than to caffeine. I survived.

I am not sure what we did in the training but I remember one thing, I slept off like never before for close to an hour after coming back home. It was almost 8 when Mr.ISB reached home.

My nose never leaked and I never sneezed that night.

The conclusion is one word called 'Allergy'. Allergy to something unknown.

Today I went to the same place and as soon as I entered in the building  I started sneezing. One tablet and I am hearty now.

Dear Unknown allergy, kindly do not come back.

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  1. could b pollen frm flowers at/near d entrance of that/nearby building that triggered d allergy.. happened to me every time i walked thru dadar flower market.. worst part is i wud b d only 1 sneezing ad infinitum n all other 'friends' wud keep counting..