January 1, 2015

The boring New Year Post!

Note: This post was partially written on 1st Jan and completed today on 2nd Jan,2014, hopefully.

The milk was old and it ruined my tea by converting itself into cottage cheese with the spicy tea water. It also shows how my mood would have gone bonkers just before leaving for office. Yes, in India many many companies do not have a holiday on 1st Jan. Note, I was working on 31st Dec too.

After reaching office and settling down with no work to do, as I handle exports we ganged up to go to the near by 'Tapari' where the most comforting tea is made. 2 cutting cups of the tea and my mood settled to go back to the normal curve. Life.

I bet it was not a good sign that the milk got spoiled. Not in terms of my upcoming new year but the kind of carelessness I flaunted after coming back from home town. Well, some days are lazy.

With the new job, the (new) husband, a series of new bosses, a new city and a new home made my this year quite dynamic but that does not mean my 2015 would be any different. I want everything new except the husband. Talk about ambitions.

In other talks, I am ageing faster than ever. I hate the Facebook wall which only shows marriages and cheesy dialogues with some mindless stuff floating over. I hate to wish every one in my world for that single day- the birthday. The only thing left is to get detached completely from Face Book which is delayed temporarily due to some hidden reasons.

I am facing one question in a very rough fashion. Resolutions. No, I am not having any. I have understood in 26 years on this earth that if I want to test my will power, I can certainly do it at any time frame of the year. I should not wait for 1st January to start with it.

I have stopped being pissed off 24 hours a day and rather I spent only about an hour in hating my non-value-added 'important' work profile. I have reached the saturation point. I look forward to other interesting high points in  my life.

Yoga, walking, Kindle, cooking and career can be key words hovering in my mind. Nothing sort of resolutions I am going to take, as I have already started working on many of them.

Ah, Any way if you are reading this you are lucky as you are one of those few people who managed to get my new year wish! :D Talk about mood!

"Happy New Year"! :)

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  1. Hey there. Many many hearty wishes for new year and may this year fullfill all your wishes. And ya its a great thing to start with , that's your blog. And its great that you r away from all those useless resolution. Enjoy, keep rocking and have a blast.