January 7, 2015

Near the window panel

It is already 'the' new year. 2015. A year which might bring new changes in my professional life. Hopefully. Ah, the cup of awesome tea at work always makes me positive. Just as it did a few minutes before.

I sit near the window panel (wall) of the tower which my company owns. The same place where my favorite boss used to sit and stare outside. From here he climbed, rather jumped the corporate ladder in an another firm with lots of challenges to be faced. Brave. I know now, when a person stares out of the window panel. When he/she is waiting eagerly for the right opportunity to launch your professional growth exponentially. May be. It feels good to be here, near the window panel.

I can see little creatures outside. Big construction site. A concrete jungle on the horizon. Tiny vehicles, some vegetable vendors and many bored people drinking tinier cups of tea at the 'Tapari'. Life, which is not made up of sweat. Made up of mental turmoils and blood.

The mail pops up in my inbox and I refuse to check it. This time has been assigned only for blogging, I have decided. Yes, in my office we do get some hours/minutes where our global partners do not prefer to be on call and India stake holders are done with us. I love these moments, where I can do things I want to. Only if my boss/bosses (who knows) refuse to acknowledge my presence and relaxed moments I am enjoying.

I have a small group of people around me in the office who plays a major role in my life to get over stresses. We are almost in the same boat. One kid ( who is elder to me by a few months) who has some child like expression if at all he resurfaces them on his face, another two elder personalities who are behind me to not to care too much about office and the one who is floating in between places hunting for potentially brides. 3 guys, 1 girl. Typically me. Needless to say, I am the youngest one. Wow.

We all sit near by the panels, rarely chat with each other when glued to our sits. Rarely separated from each other when in the campus but not on desks. We share some common interest - Food, tea, laughing and travelling. May be these guys keep me calm when I am out of mind. Actually they divert my mind to some laughter attacks I get into within a few minutes I talk to them.

Near the window panel there is nothing stationary. People keep on moving as we don't have assigned desks. The feel  of having your own desk and knowing other's desks is missing here.A pen mug, a coffee mug, some files, some photo frames, some post aid - missing. Oh, we have developed the sense which alerts us where the people 'worth not seeing' sit with the help of our guts and some habits. There is something really not right about such surroundings but I love the window panel.

It gives the room to dive into thoughts. About wishes, about lives, about dreams, about plans. There is a sort of ambiguity in the life on the other side of window gives me. I know I do not want to be the part of those concrete jungles, how greens are missing from our lives. I only want to see the road which goes straight to my home.

When I see, I imagine the home at the end of the sight. Near the window panel.

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  1. Wah wah wah. That's all I can say. ... What a view. ...but I think u should get out more often. Take a break or something like that. And feel the world outside that window pane of yours and enjoy the far off beauty of the world awag from your sight from there.